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Auto Marketing in 2018

How to use data from events & experiential to optimize results.

Like many other industries, marketing in the automotive sector is undergoing a massive shift. Out of a $35 billion spend per year, approximately 10% is allocated to marketing expenses.

According to Erik Almadrones, Manager Director, Deloitte Digital, one third of that is fixed spend, which includes traditional advertising and marketing, and digital. “The primary challenge for marketers is making sure those dollars are being allocated wisely… what is the right combination of incentive offers—lease, loan and cash—to maximize sales volume and profit? And how should those offers be implemented across specific media channels and properties, both traditional and digital?”

So how can automotive marketers maximize value and minimize spend? What channels offer the best path to reach consumers in effective, engaging ways?

In this eBook we cover:

  • The State of Automotive Marketing
  • Measuring the Impact of Each Touchpoint
  • Winning With Experiential: Auto Shows & Test Drives
  • Using Digital To Improve Results

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Understanding how marketing dollars are applied in the new buying ecosystem is critical to success. For example, was a recent lift in sales attributable to a new incentive program, or was it actually the result of a Tier 2 media campaign that the company rolled out at around the same time?

Erik Almadrones, Manager Director | Deloitte Digital