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Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Digital Auto Show Best Practices [Checklist]

This checklist provides eight actionable best practices to help automotive marketers improve the overall digital auto show experience for consumers, increase the quality and quantity of engagements and ultimately sell more vehicles at the dealership.

The best practises in this checklist were compiled by sourcing third-party data from industry experts such as Forrester, Accenture and Autotrader, and by analyzing internal data from hundreds of auto shows across North America.

Whether you target the luxury automotive segment or the mainstream consumer market, these actionable pointers will help you develop an onsite display and digital system which captures consumer attention, offers them a seamless experience and provides sales reps with the critical information they need to service patrons in the most personalized manner possible.

In this checklist we’ll cover:

  • Eight best practices to help automotive marketers improve quality of engagement.
  • How to provide a superior consumer experience that will lead to higher sales.
  • How to increase the number of opportunities to capture richer data.

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