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Improve your experiential marketing campaigns

We can help you and your team build all the digital assets you need to execute amazing experiential marketing activations, then analyze the results to prove ROI and improve future campaigns.

Create amazing customer experiences

The Limelight team is here to help you plan out and build the digital assets you need to design amazing experiential marketing campaigns. 

With our web, app and email builders you can create custom branded assets for any kind of activation.

It’s easy to customize the apps from our template library for any asset, like registrations, contests, kiosks, license scanning, photo booths, digital waiver capture, surveys and more.

Use the demographic and behavioral data you capture to create personalized journeys and send relevant communications that connect with your customers.

Automate and personalize communications

Use the behavioral data you collect to trigger timely follow up content and offers and automatically send the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Our easy-to-use email builder lets you design and schedule personalized invites and emails based on previous customer behavior.

Our automation tools will help you increase engagement, improve conversions and give each customer exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Analyze consumer behaviour in real-time

Limelight integrates your experiential data into your CRM and existing tech stack in real-time, so you and your team can analyze results and compare with previous campaigns.

You can access the Limelight Platform from anywhere and collaborate with your team across regions to understand consumer behaviour.

With the Limelight dashboard everyone in your team with the right permissions can view consumer data from all your experiences in one place and compare with your other marketing channels.

Prove experiential ROI

Limelight’s analytics and reporting makes it easy to prove the impact and ROI of your experiential campaigns to relevant stakeholders.

Want to track metrics like total engagement, cost per engagement and year-over-year conversion rates? Now you can! With our easy-to-use, custom dashboard you can filter the relevant information and access your reports as often as you need.

You’ll get a greater insight into consumer behaviour and a deeper understanding of which campaigns are working so you can finally prove the impact of your experiential campaigns.

Improve future campaigns

Now that you have all your experiential data in one place, you can learn from each campaign and improve your future experiences.

By tracking your customer data over time, you can replicate the campaign assets that work, and learn from the ones that don't so you can offer even more personalized consumer journeys.

With Limelight, it's easy to improve and scale your results, ultimately ensuring you continually build brand awareness and trust with your customers.

Join thousands of teams around the world that use experiential marketing to connect with their customers.