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Limelight helps brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz Canada and Porsche deliver connected customer experiences and improve their experiential marketing results.

Experiential marketing for the auto industry

Provide a seamless customer experience

Do you want to offer a truly connected, contactless, and safe consumer experience?

Do you wish you could capture data across multiple regions, automate and personalize all communications and integrate real-time data into your existing systems?

With Limelight’s software and, the team you can.

Automate workflows and use personalization to touch more consumers and get more interactions, engagements, registrations and leads.

Improve lead collection and send lead details from your events and activations to local dealerships in real-time.

Automate + personalize communications

Limelight powers thousands of activations every year for Fortune 500 companies with experiences at auto shows, test drives, model launches, brand galleries, dealer events, sponsorships, VIP events, track days and grand openings.

Use our platform to follow up with leads you generate from your activations and events and deliver automated 1-1 personalized communications to keep your brand top of mind.

OEMs we've worked with have seen 3.2X more email opens and 70% higher click-through rates with our personalized consumer journeys.

Find out how BMW uses Limelight to streamline their consumer experience

Analyze consumer data in real-time

All the data collected from your experiences can be integrated with your CRM and other systems. You can analyze data in real-time and get valuable insight into consumer behaviour.

Limelight was built for true enterprise scale. We can collect and handle millions of leads from lead generation solutions including mobile, kiosks, product specialist apps, forms and contesting.

We helped OEMs and Tier 2 and 3 capture more than 2 million leads and send more than 5 million emails in the last year alone.

Limelight has helped brands like BMW gain 56% more leads, 82% more conversions and a 203% increase in sales from experiential.

Join the world's leading OEMS that use Limelight to connect with their customers.