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What To Expect When Events Come Back

Leading brands, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies share their insights about the impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic on the event and experiential marketing industry.

What To Expect When Events Come Back

In the early days of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic nobody could predict exactly what the lasting economic fallout of COVID-19 would be, but we do know that the live event industry was hit hard and hit fast.

We interviewed hundreds of marketing leaders around the world and asked them how COVID-19 had impacted their business and what they expected the long-term implications to the industry would be.

With insights from leading brands, agencies and Fortune 500 companies around the world, What To Expect When Events Come Back explores what the future of live events might look like in the months and years to come.

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As experiential technology experts, here at Limelight we work closely with marketers and brands across the globe, so we have firsthand knowledge of how millions of consumer events, activations and sponsorships were affected by this pandemic.