Take your experiential marketing to the next level

Whether you run one or one thousand events a year, Limelight has the software and team to help prove the impact of your experiential campaigns.

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Take your experiential marketing to the next level with Limelight Platform

How we support your experiential campaigns



Build and manage campaign assets

Build + manage campaign assets


We'll help you plan and design the digital assets you need to launch powerful experiential campaigns. With Limelight, you'll get expert support from our team of marketers, engineers and account managers before, during and after every experiential activation.

iPads with Limelight data capture on screen

Capture + track data


Build and use any digital asset to capture lead data at your events and activations. Leave your future customers with a relevant call-to-action, then use Limelight's automation features to follow up with personalized communication journeys that build valuable relationships and drive sales.




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Analyze results


Analyze your consumer data in one dashboard and compare with previous campaigns. Get a greater insight into consumer behaviour and a deeper understanding of which campaigns are working, so you can finally prove the impact of your experiential campaigns.

Data integration between Limelight iPad and CRM on iMac

Integrate data


Data from every activation is sent from Limelight into your CRM and existing marketing stack in real-time. You can track consumer data and compare it with your other channels, so you'll get the insight you need to make better decisions and improve future campaigns.

We can improve your experiential results

56 %

More leads

47 %

Marketing database growth

32 %

Better attendance at invited events

89 %

Better offer take-up

Prove experiential success

Manage and track your campaign assets right in the platform, then use real-time data to understand consumer behaviour and improve your next campaign.

Experiential marketing 

Create a memorable experience that makes an impact on your customers and potential customers.

Data capture 

Engage prospects in the field with our easy-to-use apps and quickly capture lead data wherever you are.


From simple booths to complex events, we'll help you execute powerful experiences your customers won't forget.


Our team of experts can help you build a sustainable and agile sponsorship strategy that improves customer experience.

Trade shows 

We'll help you create integrated and measurable on-brand trade shows that drive registrations and sales.

Auto shows 

Capture auto show interaction data and boost engagement with personalized and relevant follow-up across the tiers.

Test drives 

Use real-time data to understand your customers and increase leads, hand-raisers and sales from every test drive.

Lead generation 

Collect data from face to face conversations and leave prospects with a relevant and personalized call-to-action.

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Using the platform, we were able to accurately measure results and compare against previous years’ activations. Most importantly, we saw a substantial increase in sales leads from key events.

Marianne MacNeil

Event Marketing Manager


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Limelight has made our lives so much easier and the results speak for themselves.



Wildfire Experiential and Events


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