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Contactless Experience

In the changed event landscape, everyone has a different comfort level. It’s our collective jobs to continue to provide engaging branded experiences where people feel safe. Taking this into account, we have added several innovations that can be applied to your experiential activations to limit direct contact points while still capturing consumer information in as many ways as possible, offering a seamless online to onsite interaction.

Check in guests onsite and virtually from their own devices, eliminating the need for event staff interaction during the check-in process.

Configure contactless, safe digital displays and kiosks for

- New product launch

- Product updates

- Requests for information

- Lead generation

- ...and more

Keep your guests safe with the new features on Limelight

Limelight's new StaySafe product does everything your old event tech platform did, but introduces an unprecedented layer of safety.  From no touch registrations, digital displays, and kiosks, to personalised event messaging on consumer devices, Limelight delivers social distancing at scale.

Our new interface will reduce the time it takes to develop digital experiences for  a safe event.  Connect with the Limelight  team today to get your personalised walk through.


Measure the results of your contactless experience efforts.

Proving the impact, results and budget of your events is more important now than ever before. When you capture and track the entire consumer journey  before, during and after an event, the data and results help you prove and improve   what is and isn’t working. 

By providing a contactless consumer journey from beginning to end, you’ll be able to gather and analyze data in real-time, while keeping your attendees and staff safe.

Start capturing lead data at your events and experiences.

Limelight Platform use cases

Experiential marketing

Create memorable branded experiences that make an impact on your customers and potential customers

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Our team of experts can help you build a sustainable and agile sponsorship strategy that improves customer experience.

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Auto shows

Capture auto show interaction data and boost engagement with personalized and relevant follow-up across the tiers.

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Lead generation

Collect data from face to face conversations and leave prospects with a relevant and personalized call-to-action.

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Data capture

Engage prospects in the field with our easy-to-use apps and quickly capture lead data wherever you are.

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Trade shows

We'll help you create integrated and measurable on-brand trade shows that drive registrations and sales.

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Test drives

Use real-time data to understand your customers and increase leads, hand-raisers and sales from every test drive.

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From simple booths to complex events, we'll help you execute powerful experiences your customers won't forget.

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