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Partner with Limelight

Join Limelight’s Agency Partner Program and impress your clients with seamless experiential marketing technology and measurement.

What is the Limelight Agency Partner Program?

The Limelight Agency Partner Program is for agencies who want to add measurement to their activations with easy-to-use software and impress their clients with on-site digital data collection.

Do you know how to incorporate effective KPIs, data and measurement into planning client activations?

We're here to help agencies use our software to deliver an amazing connected consumer experience, understand their data and prove experiential ROI to their clients.

Provide value to your clients and grow your agency

As your technology partner we can help you to execute experiential marketing campaigns that will impress your clients. Our software will enable your teams to exceed expectations in a quick and cost-effective way.

Even if experiential is not one of your main service offerings, we can provide you with on-budget digital capabilities and peace of mind for any last-minute experiential requests.

What you'll get as an Agency Partner

You can leverage our software to deliver quick project turnaround, minimized cost, increased margins and the potential to build recurring revenue when clients rely on you for their data-driven future experiential campaigns.

We'll provide you with the training and resources you need to utilize every feature of Limelight's software. With our software your teams can become experiential measurement experts and provide a compelling reason for your clients to keep coming back to you for their next activation.

Why partner with Limelight?


Increase client revenue

As you provide ongoing value to your clients with experiential marketing thought leadership and amazing experiential services, you can begin building larger retainers into your agreements.

Save time on projects

Last minute client request for a complicated experiential activation? We have the software and experts to support you through the execution and measurement of any campaign, however big or small.

Prove ROI of experiential

Partner with Limelight and you can measure, understand and prove the ROI of experiential activations. Your clients will get better results and you'll get increased profit margins.

Provide value with digital capabilities

With our software you'll have the ability to easily execute any experiential activation and provide clients with real-time results and valuable insight into their consumer data.

Become a Limelight Agency Partner