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Auto shows

We help brands like BMW provide seamless consumer experiences and see better results from their auto shows.


Get instant results from auto shows

How do you stand out from the competition at an auto show and convert an interested lead into a customer?

By using software to create a seamless and consistent experience, you can qualify leads instantly, securely send the data to your CRM and transfer leads to dealers in their local area, all within seconds.

Our team can work with yours to elevate your existing customer journey. Use the data you capture to boost engagement through personalized follow-ups across tiers and specific messaging based on consumer interest in particular models or financing.

See all your data on one secure platform

Our team of experts has decades of experience building omnichannel registration workflows, interactive wheelstands, brand ambassador and product specialist apps incorporating crucial elements including licence capture and digital waivers.

All your auto show data will be sent from Limelight into your existing CRM and systems, so you can immediately deliver personalized consumer journeys across all channels.

In our easy-to-use dashboard you can assess and benchmark the effectiveness of your auto shows over time, and make knowledgeable decisions about how to allocate resources for future shows.

Qualify auto show leads and send their data to local dealerships, all within seconds.

Limelight Platform use cases

Test drives

Use real-time data to understand your customers and increase leads, hand-raisers and sales from every test drive.

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Experiential marketing

Create memorable branded experiences that make an impact on your customers and potential customers

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From simple booths to complex events, we'll help you execute powerful experiences your customers won't forget.

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Trade shows

We'll help you create integrated and measurable on-brand trade shows that drive registrations and sales.

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Lead generation

Collect data from face to face conversations and leave prospects with a relevant and personalized call-to-action.

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Data capture

Engage prospects in the field with our easy-to-use apps and quickly capture lead data wherever you are.

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Our team of experts can help you build a sustainable and agile sponsorship strategy that improves customer experience.

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Auto shows

Capture auto show interaction data and boost engagement with personalized and relevant follow-up across the tiers.

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