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BMW Chooses A Single Software To Deliver The Ultimate Consumer Experience


With experiences happening all over the country between multiple agencies, four different regions, several brands and hundreds of dealerships, BMW was looking for a way to take back control. BMW was looking to solve for:

  • Limited data or quantified results from auto shows, test drives, experiential, sponsorships, dealer events and other live activations.
  • Activation data not tied to any system or CRM.
  • Too many point form solutions and spreadsheets.
  • Manual and non-standard process across multiple departments.
  • No data security.
  • High costs and redundant workflows.


  • BMW issued a global RFP looking for a software solution to address these pain points. Limelight was selected as the software of choice to power all of BMW’s live experiences. The platform was chosen for its ability to:
  • Capture and consolidate data across consumer experiences in multiple regions.
  • Build and scale digital assets, from one platform.
  • Automate and personalize all communications. 
  • Control costs and consolidate fragmented budgets by using a single technology.
  • Integrate data into existing systems in real-time.

"Using the platform, we were able to accurately measure results and compare against previous years’ activations. Most importantly, we saw a substantial increase in sales leads from key events.” 

Marianne MacNeil, Event Marketing Manager, BMW



  • Access to data from all 2,000 event days in real time, on one dashboard.
  • Automate workflows and leverage personalization to touch more consumers and get more interactions, engagements, leads, registrations, and social activity.
  • One system and one process for tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3.
  • Integrated solution; worked with BMW’s existing marketing stack/CRM to complete their omnichannel strategy. 

A Seamless and Connected Consumer Experience

 Here is a sample workflow BMW uses at one of their PGA Sponsorships: Pre-register attendees online and their information is waiting for them at check in. Scan a license, collect a digital waiver and give them the keys. Follow the consumer around the event with a connected check-in experience. Collect data on their activity and interests at each checkpoint to complete their profile. Use this data to send personalized follow up offers. Leverage reporting to benchmark performance and set goals for next year. 


From test drives to auto shows, Limelight has you covered.