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About Limelight

Our story

The Limelight story began back in 2014, when founder Jonah Midanik set out to find the answer to a problem that he kept coming across while running major consumer brands. After founding national boutique advertising agency Immersion Media in 2001, and later heading up Marketing and Operations for Virgin Gaming, Ultimate Gaming and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he consistently faced the same challenge: ‘How do we know that our events, sponsorships and activations are working?

While Jonah and his team were running live marketing for brands and partners like Mercedes, Sony, Rogers, GameStop, and 2KSports, they watched huge advances in data, analytics, personalization and security happen in marketing channel after marketing channel. Digital marketers could easily justify their marketing spend and ROI with data-driven insights from each campaign, but event and experiential marketers did not have the same data available. 

The team wanted to help marketers bring experiential data to the table and justify the ROI of their live marketing campaigns by replicating the advances they saw in social, media buying, email and mobile. When it became apparent that a good answer to this problem wasn’t already available in the market, they set out to build it themselves.

The next chapter

Limelight was founded by marketers for marketers (and marketing analysts, biz dev execs, CRM specialists, and anyone who uses experiences to connect with their customers). Our mantra is ‘experiences matter most’. Experiences have the power to improve brand awareness, attract new prospects and connect with existing customers, and we genuinely believe they are the most important currency that brands can drive traffic in.

With Limelight’s scalable software and team, you and your partners have all the tools you need to create engaging digital experiences and seamlessly integrate data into your existing CRM and marketing stack in real-time. In our analytics engine, immediately access the data you need to understand attribution, justify experiential ROI, and optimize future campaigns and strategies. Our team will help you build lasting relationships with your customers and prospects by orchestrating a consumer journey that offers real-time personalization at all touch points. Our software is built for enterprise scale, enabling you to streamline and automate your existing processes and increase organizational efficiency.

We are the experiential marketing software vendor of choice for the world’s leading consumer brands, and our goal is simple: we want to continue to help them run the best, and most effective, consumer experiences at scale.