Leverage real-time knowledge for all-time results. Every data point, from every interaction, all on one cloud.


Know Where To Double Down, And Where To Pull Back

With the analytics engine on the Limelight experiential marketing cloud, you can see it all. Tracking attendees over time to understand impact on the bottom line is easy. Recording and organizing every interaction is simple. If you want to understand and optimize your assets, fast? Go ahead. Get ready to double down on the best and improve anything less - netting real value as you improve over time.


Analytics From Every Channel In One System

The event is just the start of your brand's connection to consumers. Hook Limelight up with your CRM to automatically record every interaction, analyze results of previous campaigns and decide what's needed for the next one.


Share the Impact

Tracking attendees means you can report on contribution to the bottom line. Tracking asset performance means you can confidently share the success of every effort.