App Builder

Easily build custom apps for any activation. Coordinate and sync data from all elements of your campaign.


Complete Your Onsite Activation Strategy

For the marketer looking for a fully branded onsite app to manage and amplify their event, our native app comes fully loaded out of the box with amazing onsite features. Complete guest management, engagement through surveys and contests, amplification through social sharing, plus it works on and offline. All data flows back into the cloud, giving you even greater visibility into your consumers and your performance.


Create personalized experiences at scale

Easily customize an app for every activation, using only the features you need: license scanning, digital waiver capture and more. Full analytics and reporting help you see how each event is performing, and makes it easier to crunch numbers and prove impact at the end of the day.


Control costs with a single software

No custom developments with length timelines and fees for small changes. Save time and costs by creating, publishing and managing your onsite apps from one unified cloud.