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Limelight helps brands like RBC, Nationwide, Allstate and Scotiabank capture leads and integrate data from their live face to face and virtual events.


Capture prospect data, wherever you are

With our easy-to-use apps your team of Brand Ambassadors can engage prospects, collect data and leave them with a personalized call-to-action, wherever they are.

Limelight powers thousands of activations for financial companies every year, including:

  • sponsorship activations
  • new branch openings
  • community/CSR activations,
  • campus events,
  • new product launches,
  • advice and advisor events,
  • kiosks and pop-ups,
  • seminars
  • VIP hosting
  • ticket management
  • and more

Get more value from your events

Do you plan amazing events, but find it hard to prove if they were successful?

With our software, you have the option to convert leads on the spot in real-time, let them schedule a future appointment with an advisor or subscribe to a newsletter to keep your brand top of mind until they're ready. 

Tailor each experience with a personalized consumer journey and you'll stop losing valuable leads from your events.

Brands we've worked with have seen 56% more leads from their experiential marketing activations. 

Understand consumer behaviour

All the data captured from your events and activations will be sent from Limelight into your existing systems like your CRM, data lake and more.

You can track your data against your other marketing channels, prove your experiential ROI and get valuable insight into consumer behaviour.

With Limelight you can view real-time data from every experience in one dashboard, giving you the ability to improve future campaigns and scale your results.

With Limelight you’ll get more engagement, deeper insights and personalized communications.

Join the world's leading financial companies that use Limelight to get more leads and customers.