One Cloud. Every Experience.

Take the guesswork out of experiential marketing. Create personalized experiences at scale, power automated workflows and benchmark performance for each and all activations.


Execute the Perfect Experiential Campaign

The Limelight cloud allows your team to do everything experiential — all while providing the analytics you need to make confident decisions on where to double down and where to refine. Prove ROI, connect your omnichannel strategy and improve results.


One Software for Every Experience

Custom solutions, disconnected digital assets and zero oversight make it impossible to measure and optimize the impact of your experiential campaigns. With Limelight, everything you need is in one secure place.

Technology that makes this possible:

Improve Results Across the Board

Use data to power your bottom line. Boost engagement using personalization, automation to optimize the consumer lifecycle, and analytics to prove ROI.

Technology that makes this possible:

Custom Experiences For Every Activation Type.

Web, mobile, onsite - any digital asset can be created fast, on-brand and connected to the rest of your omnichannel strategy. A seamless experience for consumers no matter where they are.

Features that make this possible:

Run Experiential Campaigns That Net Greater Returns


Use data to understand the current state of your experiential efforts, what is or isn't working, and make confident decisions on how to allocate future or existing resources.


Build connected and personalized experiences at scale. Make digital assets more cost-effective, fast and agile. Web, mobile, onsite, email and more - all on one cloud.


Personalize communications to significantly improve engagement and bottom line results. Combine the data you capture at all experiential activations to create relevant communications that resonate with each consumer.


Data from all activations flows into one cloud and your CRM. This gives you one line of sight for all experiential campaigns, allowing you to remove the guesswork and prove ROI for all your efforts.

See how our customers have captured and consolidated data across consumer experiences.

“The INFINITI team noticed an improvement with our data collection process at CIAS as a result of our partnership with Limelight. Qualified leads were efficiently expedited to our retailers which contributed to a notable increase in YOY sales results.”

Scott MacWilliam, Assistant GM, INFINITI

Up your live marketing game. 

A Few Happy Customers

BMW Chooses A Single Software Platform To Deliver The Ultimate Consumer Experience

With experiences happening all over the country, spread between multiple agencies, four different regions, several brands, and hundreds of dealerships, BMW was looking for a way to take back control.

Wildfire Agency Uses A Single Software

Wildfire can throw great parties and plan unforgettable experiences, but the experiential marketing agency lacked a way to deliver quantifiable data and results outside of vanity metrics.

MLSE & KIA Deliver 3X More Leads Across Sponsorship Activations

MLSE & KIA were able to centralize data, deliver consistent personalization and 220% day-over-day lead increase across sponsorship activations with Limelight. Read their story.