Build Engaging Kiosks For Any Event

Boost dwell time, leads, and sales with interactive kiosks.

An Integrated And Seamless Kiosk Solution

Capture the attention and personal information of even the most resistant prospects with interactive kiosks. Prospects can learn about your products at their own pace and then opt into a personalized buyer’s journey consisting of relevant emails, contests, and offers.


Build engaging kiosks for less

No matter boat shows or auto shows, build engaging kiosks in a fraction of the time and cost.


A personalized experience for every consumer

Data flows from kiosks back to the cloud so you can customize communication based on consumers' demographics, location, product interests, and position within the buyers' journey.

A Few Happy Customers

BMW Chooses A Single Software To Deliver The Ultimate Consumer Experience

With experiences happening all over the country, spread between multiple agencies, four different regions, several brands, and hundreds of dealerships, BMW was looking for a way to take back control.

Wildfire Agency Uses A Single Software

Wildfire can throw great parties and plan unforgettable experiences, but the experiential marketing agency lacked a way to deliver quantifiable data and results outside of vanity metrics.

Allstate Leverages The Experiential Marketing Cloud

Limelight helped Allstate generate 4x more qualified leads, lift conversions by 68% and maximize ROI for their experiential marketing and sponsorship efforts.