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The Car Buying Process: Top Frustrations Consumers Face [Infographic]

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For OEMs, understanding a consumer's car buying process is the foundation for crafting a compelling, connected and personalized live marketing strategy.

It provides the key evidence you need to create seamless and connected experiences at auto shows, test drives, and other live marketing activations. With this data, you can determine what your consumers want, what information helps drive them to purchase faster, and how can keep them longer as brand advocates.

This latest infographic by market research company Lab42 outlines how consumers make decisions when it comes to purchasing a new car, as well as the biggest frustrations they face. Use these insights to form the backbone of your brand's live marketing strategy.

Some key facts from the research:

  • Influence consumers before the dealership on all channels: 48 percent of consumers spend 1-3 months shopping before making a decision.
  • Brands need more than a better price point to win over loyal customers: 43 percent are loyal to a specific brand they previously purchased.
  • Use personalization and automation to tailor several different offers based on not only current, but predicted interest: 52 percent of respondents have not made a firm decision on the make or model they intend to buy when they arrive at the dealership.

What touchpoints do you need to refine? Which are providing the most influence? What can you do to upsell a consumer? All this and more, below.


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