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The Canadian International AutoShow returned in February following a two-year absence, setting daily attendance records and welcoming the third-most people in the event’s 50-year history. That despite being smacked by a snowstorm that brought much of the Greater Toronto Area to a standstill.


The 2023 show included a 70,000-square-foot indoor EV test track. (Talk about really showcasing zero emissions.) Patrons could choose one of 19 vehicles from nine brands to take for a spin. In all, 15,000 people took part in more than 6,000 turns behind the wheel, with 83 percent of the drivers saying they’d never driven an electric vehicle before.


Writing for MobileSyrup, Andrew Mohan lamented the 30 km/hr speed limit and two-lap limit but praised the activation for accomplishing its goal of “[O]pening your mind up to visiting a dealership for a proper test drive … I am a lot more willing to test drive [an EV] in the future.”


In experiential marketing, a reaction like that is called a success (from a journalist especially). And when brands know exactly who engaged with their activations and can turn those experiences into lasting connections, not just memories, it’s called a smashing success.


That’s exactly what Limelight did at the CIAS test track by providing the software that powered registration and lead capture. Features included:

  • Streamlined check-in via tablet
  • Digital waiver and licence scan
  • Real-time, personalized emails
  • Branded digital surveys
  • Real-time API data integration into CRM systems

And — like the EVs themselves — the software is plug-and-play. That’s a single platform with multiple touchpoints engaging people before and after their test drives and sending thousands of leads and consumer insights directly to brands in real-time. No guessing. No sifting through data silos. No waiting. Just the ability to prove ROI and drive more sales.


Limelight Platform. Work smarter, not harder.

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