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October 22, 2021

How Limelight-Powered Wheelstands Drive Experiential ROI

Limelight Platform

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Events are back. Most people in many countries are again able to gather in numbers and indoors. With that great news comes the need to ramp experiential marketing back up. And, make no mistake, wheelstands remain effective. They are here to stay.

People and brands, as well as event and retail operators, are still being (smartly) cautious. And with that caution comes the need for tech that makes everyone involved comfortable. But with budgets being squeezed and ROI more scrutinized than ever, that tech also needs to be slick, efficient and affordable. 

Clients who upgrade to Limelight Platform’s live marketing software get all that and more. Let’s look at five reasons Limelight makes wheelstands better than ever for product marketers.





While events are back, many are still subject to local public health guidelines—which can sometimes leave them somewhat up in the air. That uncertainty makes it hard to plan and execute live marketing campaigns. But not with Limelight.

Thanks to years of success at their back, Limelight has proven, cloneable templates that can be up and running in a matter of hours. With that, clients can be sure that when an auto show is greenlit with as little as a week’s notice, their wheelstand activation will engage consumers with dynamic digital displays that feed data back to clients.


Traditional touch pads remain an important part of any lead generation and attribution plan in event and retail marketing. And with Limelight leading the way, clients can expect results: as much as 97% more handraisers, 56% more leads and a 203% increase in sales. (Yes, you read that last one correctly.)

But what about consumers who don’t want to engage with a touchpad? Limelight’s contactless, web-based wheelstand software leverages QR codes. People simply scan with their phones to go through the same steps as a traditional wheelstand. And the results are just as impressive: up to 42% more leads and handraisers, 3x open rates on follow-up communications and a cost that’s 50% less than custom solutions. (You also read that last one correctly.) 


From auto shows to sponsorships, dealerships to test drives, the flexibility of Limelight’s customizable wheelstand options means it is client KPIs and stakeholders that decide what data is needed to best capitalize on activations.

You can count on branded registration, check-in websites, contests, surveys and personalized email journeys, amongst other options. Limelight clients use behavioral, product preference and intent data to trigger timely and personalized follow ups. That makes it easy to prove campaign impact and ROI. 


One of the biggest headaches marketers and data teams deal with is the inability to easily integrate partner data into their own systems. With Limelight, that problem is solved—actually, it’s never a problem at all.

Limelight software is built to seamlessly integrate with existing client systems. Yes, on-the-ground teams get a slick dashboard to see real-time results, but that data is also flowing directly into CRMs, leading to better lead capture and engagement.


All of that—a speedy set-up, activation options, a variety of customizable features and seamless integration—means clients receive data at scale from all their activations at once. That gives them the ability to see what’s working and what’s not, so they can make tweaks on the fly.\

Whether it’s the wrong CTA, too many questions on a survey, poor consumer communications or anything else, Limelight clients are kept in the know—and that’s the key to success, no matter what the goal is.

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