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Limelight Platform


June 10, 2022

Increasing ROI on a tight budget with little lead time

Limelight Platform

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Few industries have seen growth like craft brewing in recent years. Just walk into any store that sells suds or stroll down major urban streets (and many Main Streets in smaller centres) and you can’t miss The Little Brands That Could that were nowhere to be found a decade or so ago. But the competition is fierce, and don’t think international brewing conglomerates that dominate the beer market aren’t taking notice.

When one of Canada’s most successful craft brewers came to us with a marketing ROI problem, we helped it work every drop of value out of its experiential spend. In the end, even though it competes against the marketing budgets of global multinationals, together we were able to do more with less and deliver a memorable consumer experience.

“Our consumers love our beer, and our rapid growth is an indication of their loyalty,” said the company’s owner and brewmaster. “We know our consumers at a base level, but we wanted to go deeper — to get to know them personally, their likes and dislikes, where they get their information to make informed decisions, how social they were, etc.”

The problems weren’t pint sized. There was a disconnected consumer experience highlighted by poor personalization, relevance and consistency. That was coupled with a lack of real-time, actionable data and results from offline marketing, which meant lost leads, low conversion rates and unclear attribution and ROI. And it was all compounded by outdated, manual and non-standard processes across multiple departments, regions, and vendors.

It all added up to high costs, longer lead times and redundant workflows that negatively impacted sales and the customer experience.

A frothy mess? A bad pour? Not enough hops in the pops? Whatever bad pun you want to make, the business was being impacted.

So, what did we do?

First off, we worked with the company to target specific problems (database size and deeper consumer insights) and a product launch with multiple activations to build a more efficient operation around. Then our experts went to work with the marketing team to integrate our tech quickly and efficiently into the campaign.

With Limelight powering the activations, the team seamlessly integrated personalized consumer experiences that increased its database into the launch series, resulting in dynamic consumer insights, increased leads and more sales.

On top of those results, the brewer also gained insights into which activations provided the highest ROI, acquired a complete 360-degree picture of its customers and was able to better manage and maintain brand standards across multiple campaigns.

"We created a fun activity, masked our intent for deeper consumer insights and database growth in the form of a product launch, created social champions and delivered one helluva party,” the owner and brewmaster continued, “all within a very limited budget and timeline.”

And the results were impressive: 231% increase in its database; 74% more post-activation email opens; 62% better click-through rates; and, 32% higher attendance at invite events.

If you’re experiencing similar marketing problems, get in touch with us. No matter the size of your budget or the lead time ahead of any experiential series, we have a menu of solutions that will make you work better.


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