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Julia Manoukian


February 14, 2018

8 Steps to Tie Sales Figures Back To Your Experiential Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

Julia Manoukian

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Increasing engagements, social media impressions and number of users are three important benchmarks to measure your experiential marketing efforts. However, with the rise of tech, marketers can move beyond this and actually tie sales back to their experiential, event, or in-person campaign to determine ROI. 

Watch our latest webinar, "Event & Experiential Trends in 2018: What Consumer  Experts Are Saying," and learn what major brands are doing to drive engagement  and lift sales.

Using metadata from thousands of activations for Fortune 500 companies across industries and event types, as well as industry benchmarks from Mosaic, Salesforce and HubSpot, we’ve compiled 8 steps you need measure the impact of any campaign.

  • 45% of brands say the primary focus of their live marketing campaigns is driving more sales (EventTrack). Tweet this!
  • 1 in 4 marketers don't know whether their efforts resulted in closed-won deals (HubSpot). Tweet this!
  • High performers are 3 times more likely to extensively use CRM tools (Salesforce). Tweet this!

8 Steps to Tie Sales Figures Back To Your Experiential Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

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