Allstate Uses Limelight's Experiential Marketing Cloud To Connect All Live Activations And Prove Results


As a leading global financial services institution, Allstate participates in a broad range of live marketing initiatives including experiential, events, sponsorships, contests and more. Allstate was looking to solve for:

  • Limited data or quantified results from trade shows, community events, registrations, branch openings, advisor events, sponsorships and other live activations.
  • Activation data not tied to any system or CRM.
  • Too many point form solutions or spreadsheets.
  • Manual and non-standard process across teams.
  • Limited data security measures.
  • High costs and redundant workflows.


Allstate was looking for a software solution to address these pain points. They selected Limelight as the platform of choice to power all of Allstate’s live experiences. Allstate chose Limelight for its ability to:

  • Capture and consolidate data across consumer experiences in multiple regions.
  • Build and scale digital assets, from one platform.
  • Automate and personalize all communications.
  • Control costs and consolidate fragmented budgets by using a single technology.
  • Integrate data into existing systems in real-time.


  • Generated up to 4x more qualified leads at multiple community sponsorships and live activations across North America.
  • Experienced 5x surge in social listening rankings for multiple activations across North America.
  • 68%+ boost to hot lead conversions.
  • Reduced costs on digital assets by more than 85%.
  • Implemented automated workflows and leveraged personalization to touch more consumers and get more interactions, engagements, leads, registrations, and social activity.
  • Every consumer engagement was captured as an actionable insight.
  • Increased departmental efficiencies.
  • Passed all Allstate institutional security measures.

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 Limelight currently empowers multiple sponsorship opportunities for Allstate with unique user access that is controlled by head office. This means head office remotely distributes new campaigns, events and material for regional activations such as lead generation contests, branch/advice events, digital kiosks, and local sponsorships including those throughout the MLB season. Each CSR has the ability to track and measure performance in real-time, use on-brand marketing materials distributed from head office, create and promote events, send out localized messages and content, segregate lead data, and seamlessly tie all activity back to their CRM. 

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Allstate took full advantage of Limelight’s registration microsites, contesting function, personalized communications and onsite analytics to increase brand visibility and collect actionable consumer data at CIAS. The platform helped test, automate, iterate and roll out various campaigns for a handful of different projects and events, providing a seamless and connected experience for consumers no matter where they were.  

Run sponsorships, trade shows, VIP events, branch openings & more, all on one platform.