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Major Brand Agency and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) Score Sponsorship Hat-Trick With Limelight Platform


Sports sponsorships offer great opportunities for brands but can be challenging for organizers due to multiple stakeholders, short windows of engagement, limited opportunity to grab sports enthusiasts’ attention and demonstrating ROI from these costly activities. A major brand agency partnered with MLSE and the Toronto Football Club (FC) with the goal of generating more qualified leads for KIA at every FC home game. They wanted to solve for:

  • Limited data from live marketing, which made it difficult to quantify or prove results.
  • No easy way to share/upload data to KIA’s CRM.
  • Too many point form solutions or spreadsheets.
  • Manual and non-standard process across teams.
  • A way to outperform historically low lead levels.


The major brand agency, MLSE, and KIA needed a software solution that easily and seamlessly standardized the data from their experiences into actionable insights. They turned to Limelight for its ability to:

  • Provide deeper insights and more value through campaign benchmarking, geographic analysis, demographic analysis, and sales match-back analysis through data capture and data tracking.
  • Demonstrate ROI from sponsorships.
  • Deliver better results with a conditional communication module.
  • Track campaign performance real-time and instantly satisfy stakeholder interests.
  • Build and scale digital assets from one platform.


  • 49% post-game email opens.
  • 220% day-over-day lead increase.
  • 4 stakeholders using a single system.
  • Deploy new resources into campaign strategy and data analysis and away from building digital assets, like contest apps and field marketing surveys. This gave MLSE a significant competitive advantage.

In The Spotlight: Using Coupons to Segment and Personalize Offers Based On Purchase Interest

By integrating contesting and data capture, KIA sent highly targeted offers, brochures and follow-ups based on consumer demographics and model of interest to a large portion of Toronto FC supporters. Attendees used their own mobile devices for contesting, and leads were synced directly with KIA’s CRM system. MLSE gained a database of valuable opt-ins, and the brand agency was able to track and improve brand agent performance remotely to increase day-over-day performance.

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