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Wildfire Agency Uses A Single Software To Gain Real-Time Insights Into All Client Programs And Their Consumers


  • Wildfire can throw great parties and plan unforgettable experiences, but this experiential marketing agency lacked a way to deliver quantifiable data and results outside of vanity metrics. Social impressions were not meeting the expectations of today’s experiential marketer. Wildfire was looking to solve for:
  • Limited data from live marketing, which made it difficult to quantify or prove results.
  • No easy way to share/upload data to clients’ CRM.
  • Too many point form solutions or spreadsheets.
  • Manual and non-standard process across teams.
  • Limited data security measures.
  • Creating a seamless consumer experience.


Wildfire needed a software solution that easily and seamlessly standardized the data from their experiences into actionable insights. Wildfire turned to Limelight for its ability to:

  • Provide deeper insights and more value through campaign benchmarking, geographic analysis, demographic analysis, and sales match-back analysis.
  • Deliver better results with a conditional communication module.
  • Expand their services with email automation, digital waiver, photo capture/share etc.
  • Help grow their offerings from campaign execution to data analysis and consultation.
  • Track campaign performance real-time.

“Limelight has made our lives so much easier and the results speak for themselves.”

Kelly Thorpe Founder, Wildfire Experiential and Events



  • Limelight helped Wildfire deploy new resources into campaign strategy and data analysis and away from building digital assets, like registration workflows, contest apps, field marketing surveys, photo experience and/or self serve kiosks. This gave them a significant competitive advantage.
  • One system agency-wide helped increase internal consistency and efficiency.
  • Automate workflows and leverage personalization to touch more consumers and get more interactions, engagements, leads, registrations, and social activity.
  • 112% increased ROI.

One Platform With Everything Your Brands Needs To Create, Measure and Optimize Experiential Marketing

  • A Seamless and Connected Consumer Experience
  • Using Coupons to Segment and Personalize Offers Based On Purchase Interest
  • Segmenting Based On Lifecycle Stage: Customer vs Prospect

Run sponsorships, trade shows, VIP events, branch openings & more, all on one platform.