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Events and Experiential in 2018: 10 Financial Service Leaders Speak

Overcoming Measurement, ROI, and Other Marketing Challenges

As more brands realize the value of experiential marketing and activate their sponsorships, many leaders are left wondering, how can I make my experiential and event marketing efforts more seamless for consumers? And, how can I use data to better optimize my strategy?

The answer depends on how much data you have available at your fingertips. Data is the key to unlocking insight into the consumer experience, as well as analytics that will help you see how experiential is performing against other campaigns.

How do finance and insurance brands build connected experiences to elevate the consumer experience? What are the KPIs leaders focus on in order to optimize and grow?

To find out, we asked 10 of the most progressive leaders in finance and insurance XM marketing. The following have delivered activations and worked for brands such as Sun Life, Airmiles, Progressive and Prudential Insurance. You can read their responses below.

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