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January 28, 2022

How to Win at Experiential Marketing: Treat Every Event like the Super Bowl

Limelight Platform

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It’s January 2022, which means two things: Super Bowl LVI is almost upon us, and experiential marketing budgets are being finalized. By the time the Big Game is played February 13, chances are your XM dollars will be accounted for. But are you earmarking the right percentage for measuring on-site engagement? If the answer is “hopefully” or “no” or—and this is like starting every game down 10-0—“measurement isn’t important” you need some help.

When it comes to quantifying and scaling XM, marketers need to treat every event like it’s the Super Bowl because, no matter how big, every event essentially is the Super Bowl for their clients. With Limelight Platform on your sideline, agencies can better plan physical spaces and measure their success as well as build the digital assets needed to execute winning activations at any event, analyze the results, quantify ROI and improve future campaigns.


Just like in sports, you need to game plan. For agencies and their clients, that means identifying event KPIs and ensuring there’s an expert tech partner in place to measure, analyze and report on every aspect of the activation.

Limelight Platforms do this in two ways.

First, there’s Limelight’s core software. It’s flexible, scalable and easy to use, offering the ability to create custom, branded assets for offline as well as web, app, email and SMS executions. Whether there’s a lot or little lead time, brands get elegant solutions for registrations, contests, kiosks, license scanning, photo booths, digital waiver capture and displays, surveys and more.

Then there’s Meshh’s spatial analytics. With years of experience and best-in-class technology, Meshh uses industry-specific benchmarks as starting points when planning physical spaces and then measures footfall, dwell time and journey paths.


All the planning in the world doesn’t mean much when you don’t know how things are working. With Limelight, that’s not a problem, thanks to a dashboard that allows for real-time tracking of every activation anywhere. It’s like you’re Tom Brady watching film on the sidelines before going back out for the next set of downs.

Not only will you be able to analyze top-line metrics like registrations and lead generation, but you can go deeper with analytics showing open rates, top CTAs and more to see how digital assets are performing.

And with Meshh backing that up, you’ll know how many people are walking by and stopping at your activations, how long they stayed, how they got there and if they are repeat visitors.

All of this data is real-time, and all of it flows directly into your CRM and marketing stack. So, just like a head coach in football who adapts to what’s happening during the game, all this information allows you to understand how consumers are engaging with your digital and physical assets and make adjustments on the fly.


Football teams change their schemes from game to game—you and your clients should, too. Thanks to data, analysis and robust reporting that was formerly largely the domain of digital marketing teams, with Limelight you will know how attendees engaged with physical spaces and which activations proved most effective.

And just like in sports, when teams woo free agents during the off-season, your clients need to show potential customers they’re more than just data points in a report. Limelight-powered email and SMS follow-ups do just that because they’re customized to individual preferences and purchase journeys.

So, now you can quantify XM ROI like never before, suggest modifications to executions based on hard data and effectively communicate with consumers in a way that makes them feel your clients think of them as people.

If this all sounds great, reach out to one of our experts. Together, we’ll come up with a game plan to ensure your client’s next Super Bowl is won by the right team.



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