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Limelight Platform


February 24, 2022

Solving Systems Silos to Speed Up Sales and Increase ROI

Limelight Platform

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You’ve done it.

Working with one of your biggest automotive clients, you’ve pulled off an experiential marketing activation. It’s innovative. It’s exciting. You’ve gathered all kinds of first-party info and have anecdotal evidence of a wide range of interested, engaged customers.

But… you’re missing the most important aspect of modern marketing: actual data. And worse yet, it will be a long time before you have it, let alone are able to put it to any use.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. And there’s hope.

“I see this a lot with clients,” says Freya O’Brien, senior account manager at Limelight Platform. “They’re working with so many different vendors; everything's so siloed, so slow. One system is capturing this information and other systems capture that information and need to send it to this one or that one.” The result? “Everything's scattered, not structured very well. Things take way too long.”

That’s a nightmare scenario impacting ROI and attribution. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Below we look at four pain points on the road to conversions and how Limelight’s all-encompassing SaaS platform reduces XM data-reporting and engagement timelines—from weeks and months to hours.

Confounding Communications

Maybe this has happened to you. You show genuine interest in purchasing a vehicle by handing over your email address and details about preferences and purchase journey. And then… crickets.

Finally, a message lands in your inbox that seems more like spam than anything else by that point. “As a customer, you're thinking, ‘why are you getting onto me now? It's been so long since I went to that event; I should have heard from you within a couple of days,’” says O’Brien.

Limelight can immediately ingest information from data capture forms, segment consumers and quickly schedule personalized follow-ups. “That makes people feel good, and enhances the experience they just went to,” she continues.

 Dealer Disconnect

Few things are more frustrating than when leads are generated at XM activations but those tasked with converting them don’t know how. It’s bad business. With Limelight’s software integrated into clients’ core CRMs, leads are identified pretty much right away. Dealers are then notified and are able reach out.

“We're able to tag the consumer, tie them back to that event, indicate their dealer lead or that they’ve opted-in to brand communications, what kind of interests they have, etc.,” says O’Brien.  “All that information is vital to the brand and a dealership.”

Persuading People

Once you’ve got data showing interested consumers, sending redeemable offers to entice them to purchase is no easy task. There’s a lot that goes into it due to variables between activations, dealerships, geographic locations, timelines and, of course, vehicles.

“It’s a very specific system,” says O’Brien. “You have to be able to validate whatever is being sent. So, in that sense, it's like a code. A unique code. Our system is able to generate those unique codes and we integrate them into the client’s CRM and the dealer’s redemption system.”

Stakeholder Solutions

O’Brien notes that across Limelight there’s an ethos of partnership—working directly with clients to enhance the software based on their feedback. “We really take that on board and make them thought leaders for our software,” she says. “Because they're the ones putting on these experiences, they know the customer inside out.”

That can mean incremental improvements like adding more functions to Limelight’s mobile app or entirely new undertakings like building out a consolidated Ecommerce tool. “We really value our clients,” O’Brien continues. “We want to integrate them into how Limelight as a software is shaping up.”

For more information on creating seamless data systems that deliver real, actionable insights from your experiential events, contact Limelight Platform for expert help on unifying your data stack.


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